05/18/18--IRRIGATION UPDATE-- Filter Tech Systems will be out tomorrow morning (Saturday May 19th) to make a change to the main irrigation system which should correct the current issue with the irrigation water. 

05/15/18--IRRIGATION UPDATE-- Filter Tech Systems was out to check on the irrigation system yesterday at 4pm. It is currently programmed to run between 4pm and 10am. He believes that the main irrigation water supply that supplies water to the vault was not running over the weekend, but it seems to be supplying water to the pump system at this time. We apologize again for any inconvenience this has been and are continuing to work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

05/10/18--IRRIGATION UPDATE--We have just learned some of the parts needed for the system will be delayed in arriving; therefore, Filter Tech Systems is going to be out TODAY (May 10th) to rewire the one working VFD to the new pump, so homeowners can have access to water. Our hope is the system will be up by the end of today, instead of everyone waiting until Saturday for water. As a reminder the system will be running on only one pump, since the older pump quit working earlier this week. We understand this is very frustrating and appreciate your patience while the contractors get all items fixed as soon as possible. 

05/09/18--IRRIGATION UPDATE--The older pump for the subdivision has quit working and will need to be repaired. This was the main pump that provided water to everyone last year while a new pump was being purchased. Filter Tech Systems had to order some additional parts for the newer pump to get it programmed correctly, so they will be installing those parts either this Friday (May 11th) or Saturday (May 12th). The system should be back up and running this weekend; however, it will only be working on the new pump, while the older one gets fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  

04/25/18--IRRIGATION UPDATE--Brookside's irrigation system will be turned on tomorrow (April 26th) and all owners will have access to water. Some repairs are still being made on the pump house, so the system will be running off of one pump until parts can be received. We apologize for the delay in getting water turned on and appreciate the patience everyone has given to us. Owners can water between the following times: 4pm - 10 pm and 4am - 10 am. Please do not water in between these times because that is when common areas are watered. Thank you. 


12/15/17--A dues increase was passed at the Annual Meeting held on December 4th, so the annual dues were increased to $310.00. Also, 2018 statements will be mailed out before January 15th and homeowners will have until March 1, 2018 to pay their annual dues. At the meeting it was decided to delay the due date for annual dues to allow individauls to recoup from the Holiday season. 

12/12/17-- The Annual Meeting was held on December 4th. Minutes are posted below. 

10/23/17--Peaceful Valley will be out Thursday, October 26th to winterize Brookside's irrigation system. They are requesting all homeowners make sure their valves are shut tight for the winterization process.  




In the interest of keeping Brookside homeowners/residents informed of what your Board is doing, we are implementing this posting.  First of all, your Board will do whaterver they can to improve thei subdivison and will consider all homeowner suggestions,  Please keep in mind, however, that suggestions that conflict with the CC&Rs or established Rules & Regulations [R&R], will not be implemented.  CC&Rs and R&R are posted elsewhere on this website.

Following are the current concerns:

1.  Trash cans in view from the roads. The CC&Rs and R&R both state that garbage cans must be stored out of sight exept on trash pick-up day.  They must be placed BEHIND fences, INSIDE garages, or somewhere out of view.  It is also city ordinance that containers not be left on the sidewalk after pick-up day.

2.  Derelict vehicles within the neighborhood.  The short answer is a vehicle is derelict if it is in plain view from the street and without current plates and registration visible.  Again, the CC&Rs and R&R state that inoperable, unlicensed, and unused vehicles must be stored in your garage, behind a privacy fence, or removed from the subdivision.  Additionally, derelict/inoperable vehicles are also addressed in the GJ City Ordinances.  According to the city ordinance, inoperable vehicles are considered 'outdoor storage' and must be screened from view.

3. Vehicle repair being done in driveways.  The CC&Rs allow ordinary maintenance and minor repairs of your own vehicle to be done in the driveway. (this would be things such as oil changes, washing and waxing, etc)  Major repairs or restoration must be done inside the garage or behind the fence.

4. Portable basketball hoops. These are not allowed to remain on the streets or the sidewalks when not in use; they must be moved back onto your private lot! Violations can be reported to Grand Junction Code Enforcement. 

5. Snow removal. Snow must be removed within 24 hours after snow stops and there is more than 2" accumulation. The city of Grand Junction can assess fines if public sidewalks are not cleared according to those guidelines. The HOA will remove snow from the sidewalks around the park/common area and the mailbox areas. Homeowners/residents are responsible for removing snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes, from their individual driveways and their private walks.

REMINDER:  Please remember that Colorado law prohibits parking your vehicle within 15' of a FIRE HYDRANT!!!  It has been reported that many residents/visitors to Brookside are violating this.  The police/sheriff will be called and tickets will be issued.

All questions should be directed to  We are excited to work with you and assist you in the support of your HOA.  Please let us know how we may serve your needs!


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