9/26/17--Redlands Water & Power has told us that they have a tentative shut down date of October 23rd for irrigation water. Please ensure the valve at your property is open to to drain for winter. 

3/30/17--Redlands Water & Power has told us that they will turn water into the canal on April 10.  It will be available to homeowners sometime after that as the HOA system needs to be flushed out.  Please ensure the valve at your property is closed to prevent damage to your system.  It will be posted here when water will be available to individual homes.

2/13/17--Redlands Water and Power reminds residents in their irrigation area that DITCHBANKS ARE PRIVATE PROPERTY OF REDLANDS WATER AND POWER; THEY ARE NOT WALKING TRAILS.

2/9/17--The Renaissance HOA annual meeting was held on Wednesday, February 8.  Minutes are posted below.

IRRIGATION WATER SUPPLY INFORMATION There is a valve in the rear of most properties that belongs to each residence. This valve separates the main irrigation line and provides service to the individual residences. It is the responsibility of each homeowner to manage this valve if an irrigation water system is installed on the property. INSTRUCTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. The valve must be opened to drain for winter by November 1st. 2. The valve must be closed by April 1st to prevent water from entering the residents property. All of the main lines are drained for winter and left open until spring. Payment for any breaks or repairs to these valves is the responsibility of the homeowners. No other in ground valves shall be turned on or off by anyone but the Irrigation Manager. Direct any questions regarding irrigation to the Manager. High Desert Landscape: 970-250-9590

Insurance information contact: Mike Daniels at American Family 241-6132.

All questions should be directed to Hilary at  We are excited to work with you and assist you in the support of your HOA.  Please let us know how we may serve your needs!


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