Brandon Estates

4/22/24     A main break was almost immediately reported near the intersection of Powis and 18-1/2, just east from 18-1/2. The pump was immediately shut down. 

The irrigation main was apparently cut by ClearNetworx / Deeply Digital boring in the conduit for their fiber optic cable. The break was reported to Deeply Digital for repair.  

 The contractor used by Deeply Digital for major irrigation repairs, like this, might be able to excavate down to the pipe / conduit on Monday, but that’s not definite. The working assumption is the broadband conduit directly intersects the irrigation main, but the repair effort can’t be determined until the area is excavated.  

Once this main break is repaired, we may discover additional breaks when the pump is again switched on and the rest of the irrigation system is charge with water and pressurized.


04.11.24 Please be patient with the irrigation water startup. The system will be started on the 19th however, the water will be intermittent while repairs are made. 

04.09.24 Irrigation startup is scheduled for April 19th, 2024.  Please close your main valve.

10.30.23 ANNUAL MEETING was held December 12th, 2023. Meeting minutes are posted below.

10.04.23  Irrigation water is scheduled to shut down and blowout on the 18th. Please close main irrigation valve prior to the 18th of October.

The Board of Directors has chosen Heritage Property Management to assist in the affairs and management of the HOA effective immediately.


HOA Dues: $410 Annually

Please send checks payable to:

Brandon Estates

2650 North Avenue #116

Grand Junction, CO 81501

Or to pay online click here

Transfer Fee: $100 payable to Heritage Property Management 

Insurance Provider: Moody-Valley Insurance 970-248-8300

HOA Responsible for: Management Services, Insurance, Taxes, Landscape of Common Area to include back yards to edge of concrete, Irrigation System (electricity/water shares, turn on & winterization, backflow prevention testing), HOA Sign. 

Schools: Monument Ridge Elementary School, Fruita Middle School, Fruita 8/9 School & Fruita Monument High School


Welcome to the Heritage Family of Services! All questions should be directed to We are excited to work with you and assist you in the support of your HOA. Please let us know how we may serve your needs!


Custom Documents

12/13/23 - 2024 Annual Disclosure

08/18/23 - Architectural & Landscape Request Form

08/16/23 - Request for Copies of Documents Form

08/16/23 - Complaint Form

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