Village Park ROA

05/02/22 The irrigation water has been sporadic. Many issues are being resolved as they arise. As soon as the Board knows about the problem, the sprinklerman is notified. Expenses were very large last year as the sprinklerman checked the system daily. Trying to keep costs down, the Board of Directors had instructed the man to only respond when called, the Board has now asked the Sprinklerman to check the system on a daily basis as  the water is so sporadic.

04/18/22 Irrigation water may be turned on later this week.


2/15/22  As of February 15, 2022, the Board of Directors has chosen Heritage Property Management to assist in the affairs and management of the Association.



HOA Dues: $240.00 / yer.

Please send checks payable to:

Village Park ROA

2650 North Ave # 116

Grand Junction CO 81501

Or pay online @


Transfer Fee: $100.00 payable to Heritage Property Management

Insurance Provider: American FamilyMichael Daniels - 970-241-6132

HOA Responsibility for:  Management ertvices, Insurance, Taxes, Landscape of Common Area, Irrigation System (electricity, water shares, turn on / winterize, backflow prevention etc.).


Schools: Orchard Ave Elementary,  East Middle School, Grand Junction High


Welcome to the Heritage Family of Services! All questions should be directed to We are excited to work with you and assist you in the support of your HOA. Please let us know how we may serve your needs!










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