Fountain Greens Patio Homes

01.25.24 WD Yards will be out mid to late next week to start bush /shrub trimming and spring cleanup.

12.13.23  ATTENTION: The Fountain Green Neighborhood is a Non-soliciting neighborhood. If solicitors come to the door, do not let them in. Contact your HOA Agency or call the police. Recently sales people going door to door in your community from “Grand Valley Air and Water”, stated that Mark permitted them to enter units. These people DO NOT have permission, do not let them in or even open the door for them. 


Thank you, The HOA Board


11.14.23  WD Yards will be out 11.14.23 or 11.15.23 to attempt again to blow out the irrigation system.

 07.10.23  UPDATES FROM BOD: 

  • All Patio Home residents are responsible for fixing and managing their sprinkler systems. This includes replacing sprinkler heads and any leaks in the system. 
  • The contract with WD Yards is for the Spring start-up and winterization (in the Fall) of individual sprinkler systems. If you do not want your Sprinkler systems turned on please contact Barb at Heritage HOA with this request.


05.01.23  Information came in that a pump is broken. No estimate on when it will be repaired.

 02/13/2023 Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, February 11th, 2023 Meeting minutes posted below.

01/12/22  The Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, February 12, 2022 .Meeting Minutes are posted below.

2/24/21 - The Annual Meeting was held on February 20, 2021. Meeting minutes are posted below.

2/22/21 - The 2020 Annual Meeting minutes have been amended and are avaliable below.

1/20/21 -  Snow Removal Clarification – after 1.5 inches have fallen and it is no longer snowing one of the Board Members will contact the HOA's vendor for snow removal. The HOA will not remove snowfall less than 1.5 inches and will not remove ice. 


HOA Dues: $85/month for attached homes & $95/month for detached homes (due by the 25th of each month)

Please send checks payable to:

Fountain Greens Patio Homes HOA

2650 North Ave #116

Grand Junction, CO 81501

 Or to pay online click here.

Transfer Fee: $100 payable to Heritage Property Management & $100 payable to Fountain Greens Patio Homes HOA ($200 total)

Insurance Provider: State Farm - LaVonne Gorsuch - 970-243-1117

HOA Responsible for: Management, Liability Insurance, taxes, landscape of Common Areas and front yards, irrigation system for common area, winterize and startup for individual properties

Schools: Appleton Elementary, Fruita 6/7, Fruita 8/9, Fruita Monument High


Welcome to the Heritage Family of Services! All questions should be directed to We are excited to work with you and assist you in the support of your HOA. Please let us know how we may serve your needs!


Custom Documents

01/31/24 - 2024 Annual Disclosure

05/12/23 - Yard Sale Request Form

05/02/23 - Architectural & Landscape Request Form

01/06/23 - December 2022 Newsletter

11/23/22 - 2022 Winter Snow Removal Procedures

06/30/22 - Complaint Form

06/30/22 - Request for Documents

02/07/22 - Opt Out of Landscape Form

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