Alpine Meadows

5/30/18-- On Saturday June 23, 2018 we had a dozen or more volunteers helping to spruce up the Alpine Meadows neighborhood.  Thank you so much to all of our volunteers for helping to pull weeds, rake up debris, cut and trim trees and bushes and spruce up the entry flower beds.  We still have some work to be completed and might consider having another work day in the fall. Thank you again to all our volunteers!!! 

5/21/18-- Alpine Meadows Board Meeting was held on Thursday, May 3 , 2018. Minutes are posted below.

04/24/18--Alpine Meadows Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, April 21st. Minutes have been posted below. 


If you observe issues with the irrigation system please contact the following members in the order below:

Rodney Forsythe --970-712-1571

Larry Combs--970-245-4392

Brad Suter--970-270-7610

David Weldon--970-260-0091


HOA Dues: $450/year (may be split into 2 payments of $225 due June 1 & Sept. 1)

Please send checks payable to:

Alpine Meadows HOA

2650 North Ave #116

Grand Junction, CO 81501


Insurance Provider: State Farm - LaVonne Gorsuch 970-243-1117


HOA Responsible for: Management services, Insurance, Taxes, Landscape of Common Area, Irrigation System (electricity/ water shares/etc), Fence along H Road and 27 Road, HOA sign


Schools: Pamona Elementary, West Middle, Grand Junction High


Welcome to the Heritage Family of Services!  All questions should be directed to  We are excited to work with you and assist you in the support of your HOA.  Please let us know how we may serve your needs!


May 03, 2018

April 21, 2018

May 06, 2017

April 30, 2016

February 28, 2015

Custom Documents

07/19/18 - Complaint Form

07/19/18 - Request for Documents Form

07/19/18 - Maintenance Request Form

07/11/18 - ACCO Request Form

04/24/18 - Contact Info - 2018

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