Welcome to our HOA info page! We are excited to post up to date HOA information that may be helpful and informative in managing your HOA. Should you have any questions, please email us at: info@hpmgj.com. We really enjoy the exchange of information so please, if you find something that you think would be informative please email us and we may post it here.

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Heritage Property Management

Custom Documents

11/18/19 - Winter watering information

10/07/19 - Grand Junction/Mesa County Code Enforcement

10/07/19 - Owner's Rights and Responsibilities

02/12/19 - List of our services

03/06/15 - Fruita Code Enforcement

03/04/15 - Meeting Notices, What do they really have to provide?

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Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions

Articles of Incorporation


Cash Flow

Yearly Budget

Balance Sheet

Insurance Documents

Policy & Procedures

Adoption of Rules



Conduct of Meetings

Conflict of Interest

Records Inspection and Copying

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Reserve Investment

Reserve Study

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